The annual library book sale.

Every year during my tiny village’s festival (Fishermen’s Party, if you are wondering) the Friends of the Library hosts a book sale. We sell off the books weeded from the collection, plus those that were donated but not added to the collection. At one time we could raise a thousand dollars, but receipts have sagged over the years. Fewer analog books? Fewer analog book readers? Hard to say, but we persevere.

Last year’s sale was well-documented on the blog. This year, however, camnesia struck. I attribute this to Roxie, an out-of-town friend of a Friend, who came to help. She and I ran the check out/cashier table, and I have never laughed so hard and consistently for two days in my life. I insisted that she must come back every year; she might just do it. We had a such a good time!


Happy book lovers.


This customer brought his own carrier.


A week later it was time to dispose of the unsold and not-suitable-to-donate books.


Frankly, it was also an opportunity to hang out, catch up, and go out to lunch when we were done.


Disposing of hardcovers means cutting off the covers with a razor knife, trashing those, and putting the innards into the big recycling bin by the community center.


Hard covers waiting to go to the trash.


Happily, Kris had a nice big vehicle to take to boxes of innards to the recycle bin.

I know it breaks our hearts to throw away books, but we exhaust every other disposal method before we resort to this. A lot of paperbacks went to Little Free Libraries in the area (one of the Friends maintains three of them). We shipped a good-sized box of young adult books to that school in California whose library had no books.

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4 Responses to The annual library book sale.

  1. Kat with a K says:

    Library sales are truly the best thing! I wonder if there is a “reverse donation” option of Kindle titles I have purchased and read… I would happily donate them!

  2. Carole says:

    Library sales are a lot of work, good for you for volunteering your time. And it’s okay to throw away books sometimes – they aren’t all great and they aren’t all meant to last forever.

  3. Kym says:

    I donated hundreds of books to my library’s sale last year (in a big fit of KonMari-ing). I make myself stay away from the sales, though. Otherwise . . . the books would all be back on my shelves!

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