High summer links.

Again with the hover text.

How to make your baby clean the house.

The computer software for the Apollo moon missions was knitted, he says.

Bees. Just hangin’ out with the honey guy.

Occult symbols for the English countryside.

A spider on the ceiling?

Bookstore snobbery. More.

How to increase voter turnout.

Irony defined.

Killdeer drama.

How God created animals.

This is the industry (and firm) where I worked.

A slightly different version of kon-mari-ing.

Fighting ISIS with humorEpisode 1.. Some background.

Mad Lib headlines. About ferrets. Talking about this, I guess.

Weather forecast fashion.


Okay, now I get political and ranty. Read at your own risk.

What happens to bystanders who film acts of police violence. long read

How to film the police in the US.

A black cop tells the real truth about race and profiling.

Other cities’ police departments could take a lesson from Dallas PD.

Case Western classes cancelled for a week so riot police can be housed in the dorms during the Repub convention.

And, on the other side of the aisle, Philly airport workers to strike during the Dems convention.

There is another major player denying global warming.


Links from Chris. Not ranty at all.

Aaaannnnddd… a little funny to finish.



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2 Responses to High summer links.

  1. kathy b says:

    What MOON by knitter LOL s? That’s awesome

  2. gayle says:

    Rant on, sister, rant on.
    (And I ❤ Neil Gaiman, too!)

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