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The bear cam at the Brooks River in Alaska is on again. This particular bear should perhaps move 20 feet to its left, where I saw LOTS more fish jumping up the falls. Another bear cam, this one lower on the … Continue reading

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Mmm, links.

Median age of Fox News viewer is… 68. A mere $3,000 to complete your concert bucket list. Ravens are awesome. Damn, I’m gonna miss her. People who read more fiction are better at empathy and understanding others. It’s amazeballs that our … Continue reading

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Fishermen’s Party, part 2.

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Fishermen’s Party, part 1!

The wall was 35 feet tall. Maybe I could have tolerated that height at 8. Not now.

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The annual library book sale.

Every year during my tiny village’s festival (Fishermen’s Party, if you are wondering) the Friends of the Library hosts a book sale. We sell off the books weeded from the collection, plus those that were donated but not added to the … Continue reading

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Gratuitous photo of healthy, living cat.

Pictured cat was NOT healthy a couple weeks ago. He came home one morning and vomited on and off all day. After a second vomitous day we took him to the vet*, where they did tests and kept him hydrated. He … Continue reading

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Bombing the yarn.

Discovering a yarnbomb. O.M.G. And again.

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Well-anchored links.

Freezing supercooled water. Bouncing water droplet(s). Tea bag rocket. A year of service. Rush hour, feline version. They weren’t supposed to know about the werewolf thing. Hairy armpits. Don’t count on being able to access social science research papers. Good&Plenty … Continue reading

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Gratuitous photo of a song sparrow on the thistle feeder…

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Ten on Tuesday, the MN version.

Ten Songs About Where I Live[d]. There are far more songs about Minnesota than Wisconsin, so I choose to highlight those. In fact, I didn’t even need to write my own post. It is all covered here. (And if you … Continue reading

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