The Milady report, week 3.

We have discovered a few new things about Milady.

  • She is an dancer (1). When one or both of us come home, she stands at the top of the entryway stairs and dances because she is so excited to see us. It makes me happy just to see her.
  • She is a dancer (2). If we hold a treat high enough, she will balance nimbly and gracefully on her hind legs to get it. Needless to say, this has caused much happy surprise for us and extra treats for her (see #3, below).
    (We tried repeatedly to capture this with the camera, to no avail. She will perform for a treat only when she wants to.) (Also, she can be stubborn.)

  • She is an escape artist. We keep blocking off more and more of the deck railing and she keeps squeezing out. It seems she does not care to relieve herself in the kennel that is a couple step down from the deck; she prefers grass and/or woods. Happily, she comes right back, squeezes back through the railing, and waits patiently to be let into the house.
  • All dinner dishes are belong to her. We knew she was a chow hound, mainly because she was clearly a little overweight when she came to us, but this week she started guarding the doggy dinner dish(es). There have always been two, side by side, since we have had two dogs. All of the previous dogs have been happy to share, but not Milady.

    On Sunday, Milady was eating and Ser Percy, who has been with us for a week while his papa did installs in Colonial Williamsburg and Denver, walked up to have a little snack. Milady put herself between him and the food.

    “No, this is mine, said her body language, very clearly. No snarling or fighting, just ladylike firmness.

    Smokey then moved one of the dishes into another room; Milady guarded that one as well.

    “This is mine, too.” More ladylike assertiveness.

    Finally, Smoke had to put Percy in that other room and close the door so the poor starving [wussy] pit bull could eat.

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3 Responses to The Milady report, week 3.

  1. Vicki T. says:

    Poor Percy The Wussy 😦 Milady is settling in!

  2. k says:

    I am thinking back to Katniss’s early days with us, after being in the shelter where they OBVIOUSLY did not feed her enough, and we were into sucking up to her and fed her every time she meowed – which really put us high up on her list of recommended servants. She’s just recently realized that the food will always be there, and is starting to lose weight. Maybe when Milady figures out there’s enough to go around, she’ll mellow out.

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