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What I have been doing when I should have been working on UFOs.

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille…” Yes, I have been knitting dishcloths when I should have been working on UFOs. Should, schmould, whatever.  I wanted to be able to grab a clean dishcloth every day during the summer when … Continue reading

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I-cord links.

  We have all had this experience. This makes me sweat just to look at it, but that is not a criticism of the sweater, merely a comment on its un-timeliness. Coming clean: I downloaded and printed this pattern for … Continue reading

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The Milady report, week 3.

We have discovered a few new things about Milady. She is an dancer (1). When one or both of us come home, she stands at the top of the entryway stairs and dances because she is so excited to see us. … Continue reading

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Links come in all varieties.

Note: check for hover text on the links. Helpful little girl aids police. Innumerancy: the major driver of economic growth. The queen’s green screen outfit. Even physicists have a sense of humor. Oddly satisfying. She knew how to respond. (NSFW) … Continue reading

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Size does matter.

Portion size, that is.

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This song is downright scary nowadays.

This oldie came on in my iTunes recently, and I was chilled to listen to the lyrics. Back in 1965 we thought nothing of it, but today is a different story. Wikipedia says that John regretted the song later and wished … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the audiobook edition.

Ten Things to Do While Listening To An Audiobook Knit. Duh. Drive. Housework — laundry, cleaning (except vacuuming). Walk. Other exercise. Okay, I’m out. And looking forward to seeing what others came up with.

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What is life without a WIP?

Franklin writes. And writes some more. Intriguing shawl. Matchy-matchy. Mabel’s watermelon sweater. More. Yarn chicken champion.

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Chaining the links.

Frog and Toad Are Friends. McDonalds: a social center in many neighborhoods. The Nordic paradox. That one random firework. Spring in the woods. Six gun dealers for every Starbucks. Measuring the *real* America. Thoughts and prayers: not enough. Ya wanna be a … Continue reading

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