I promised you knitting.

During my blog hiatus when I was frantically campaigning, I kept my sanity by knitting.


Now I am going to show you it.

And drag it out for days because I seem to still be too busy to blog regularly.

Mainly there are double-stranded socks.


Oh, you wanted to see them clearly? Okay.

First, the blue striped ones.


Yarns: Patons Kroy FX, colorway 55102 blue striped ragg. double-stranded with Cascade Heritage in the imaginatively named 5604. One or both of those yarns are tad thicker than the sock yarn I have used in previous double-stranded socks, so these are THICK. Thick = warm, so that’s okay with me.
Needles: US#2-1/2 for the foot and ankle, US#4 for the leg.
Pattern: Wendy’s Toe-Up Generic Sock Pattern.

Next, the wildly purple ones.


In the dead of winter I found myself with roughly a metric shitload of purple sock yarn leftovers in various hues and tints. I also found myself with a purple and red sweater that lacked coordinating socks. It was kismet.

Yarns: Good grief, I have no idea. There is some Knit Picks Stroll in there and a little Pagewood Farms and who knows what else. These were odds and ends that have been bouncing around the stash for years. I was using them up in something else (that’s another post) and decided that a pair of thick socks would be a good project for them.
Needles: Same as above.
Pattern: Ditto.

Third, the gray striped ones.


You saw these once before, but they sat unfinished for nearly a year. That is an afterthought heel, and after I had finished the second sock, I decided I didn’t like the way I had kitchenered the heel on the first one. Tinking it was more putzy and annoying than I expected; the socks ended up in time out for months. Back in the dead of winter I picked them up and Just.Did.It. Kitchenered that heel within an inch of its life.

Yarns: described here.
Needles: Same as above.
Pattern: Same as above, but modified to use an afterthought heel.

There are more unblogged socks in the sock bin.


Yarns: Trekking XXL in 552 black variegated and Classic Elite Alpaca Sox in 1884 camouflage.
Needles: Same as above.
Pattern: Same as the first two above.

As I paw through my sock bin, I find that there are other, unblogged socks.

I really churned out the socks this winter, didn’t I?


Yarn: Schachenmayr Regia Viva Color, colorway 04869 and Lang Yarns Jawoll Color Superwash, colorway 8277.
Needles and pattern: Same as above.


Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted, colorway SW163 Oyster Bay, discovered in the sale bin at Tall Tales Yarn Shop, Tofte, MN last summer.
Needles and pattern: Same as above.


Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Wunderklecks. colorway 2139 Bella Patina and PippiKneeSocks Hand-Dyed Sock, colorway Free Tibet!
Needles and pattern: Same as above.

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6 Responses to I promised you knitting.

  1. highlyreasonable says:

    Wow! The election may not have gone your way but you are the undisputed winner of sock knitting!

  2. Kat with a K says:

    It’s a sock-a-thon in a blog post! Portable knitting at its finest! I am impressed! Truly!!

  3. Carole says:

    Wowza, that’s a lot of socks! I especially like the purple striped ones and also the gray striped ones. The work you did on the heel really makes those terrific.

  4. Helen says:

    I like your two yarn combinations. 🙂

  5. gayle says:

    With so many pretty socks to choose from, how will you ever make a decision about which pair to put on in the morning? Trapped in front of the sock drawer…

  6. Soxanne says:

    Wonderful, wonderful socks 🙂

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