Dangerouly sharp links.

razor wire

Mysterious stacks of books.

Ninja pancake maker.

bunch of nonknitting links from The Knitting Doctor.

Temperature conversion chart.

Dragon FTW.

Ducks are eternal.

A thoughtful post from a guy who decided not to boycott North Carolina.

Best comment on the 2016 presidential race I have seen.

Got a macro lens? Be jealous.

Best dad ever.

The new American majority.

If you are salaried and make <$50k/year and sometimes/often/always work >40 hours.week, you will probably get a raise later this year.

I am intrigued by these.

Pendulum wave demonstration.

Remembering Prince.

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4 Responses to Dangerouly sharp links.

  1. kathy b says:

    I wonder if the books were stacked during library week!!!

  2. soxanne says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mysterious Stacks of Books!

  3. Kym says:

    Oh, Prince . . .

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