Finally on a Friday.


Let’s do bullet points, m’kay?

  • My computer that died two weeks ago came back to life.
  • Sort of.
  • Last Sunday it was turned on — don’t ask me why it was on, cuz I have no idea — but the monitor was blank white.  I bumped something, maybe the mouse, and it came to life as though it were a perfectly normal, functioning computer.
  • WTF?
  • It has been working, more or less, all week.
  • For a few days the mouse would stop working for no apparent reason*. Right now the mouse is working fine but there is no sound. That sound failure happened right in the middle of a YouTube video of Kevin Smith, aka Silent Bob, talking about how he made a documentary for Prince and how strange Prince was.
  • Please consider the implications of that last phrase. Kevin Smith characterizing someone else as strange.
  • Okay, right now my keyboard puts in a row of spaces whenever I stop typing for a minute.
  • On the happy side, the new Mac Mini arrived earlier this week.
  • Younger Son is coming tomorrow to pick up Ser Percival The Energetic and to install the new Mini.
  • He can do that install in an hour or two.
  • It would take me days. Maybe weeks, to get everything working.
  • Monday night is the Paul McCartney concert.
  • We had planned to drive to Sioux Falls today and spend the weekend hanging out with Elder Son.
  • ES called earlier to week to say he had forgotten that all the residents are going on a retreat this weekend.
  • So we will drive out Sunday instead.
  • A trip to Sioux Falls means 6 hours of car knitting time each way, plus the actual time in SF.
  • 🙂

And now, here is a gratuitous picture of some bunnies we saw at the mechanic’s garage a couple weeks ago.


Have a great weekend!

* Then it worked but wouldn’t scroll, so I had to always click on the scroll bar on the screen. Today its scroll function started working again. The excitement never stops

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2 Responses to Finally on a Friday.

  1. gayle says:

    Well, welcome back! 8)
    My oldest daughter, whenever confronted with some whacky computer behavior, just says “It’s all just voodoo…”

  2. Kat with a K says:

    Machines – can’t live without them. Or something like that! Knitting time, on your way to see Sir Paul. Seems like the perfect ending to a weekend! XO

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