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Dangerouly sharp links.

Mysterious stacks of books. Ninja pancake maker. A bunch of non–knitting links from The Knitting Doctor. Temperature conversion chart. Dragon FTW. Ducks are eternal. A thoughtful post from a guy who decided not to boycott North Carolina. Best comment on the 2016 presidential … Continue reading

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Finally on a Friday.

Let’s do bullet points, m’kay? My computer that died two weeks ago came back to life. Sort of. Last Sunday it was turned on — don’t ask me why it was on, cuz I have no idea — but the … Continue reading

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Bombing the yarn.

Understanding alpaca fiber. It’s not only the knitting that’s silly. Gauge MATTERS! via I was watching when she said this. What kind of sweater knitter are you? Aquaphobia: a sock pattern that pretty much eliminates pooling and flashing. This shawl uses … Continue reading

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Tesselated links.

Tattooing at 3200 frames/second. Smart skin. I am 27. A local photographer. Two fake nuns want to save us with weed. Really, truly dead. Car shredder.

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So sad.

photo credit: Time for a nap via photopin (license) My computer died Sunday morning. Well, most of the computer is probably still fine. Certainly the keyboard and mouse and monitor and speakers and external hard drive are working as well … Continue reading

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Cuffing the links.

Baby cow. Levitating light. Clearista, a skin care product, may be collecting skin cells for the CIA. Somewhat related. Swearing robot. via Do you read Victoria Elizabeth Barnes? Because you should. “Brush olive oil on locally sourced organic plastic wrap.” 

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Ten on Tuesday, the drop everything and read edition.

Today Carole has us thinking about those books that made us want to drop everything and read. My books like that tend to be mysteries — well-written ones that pull me in. Here goes… Ten Books That Made Me Want … Continue reading

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Orange seems to be popping up all over.

Reblogged simply for the caption. Moon phases. Even though this a poncho, I am intrigued. Check out the words! A knitbomb in my sorta neighborhood. Sashiko: it’s what’s happening. Naked shearer. via  

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Links return!

“When there are nine.” Still not into you. “Oh, no!” Animals being awesome. You and I are not the only ones who occasionally screw up in the kitchen. Are women human? If you must water your lawn, do it correctly. … Continue reading

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Knitting on Friday.

Because I already had nine (9!) ten (10!) projects OTN, I decided I needed to start another afghan. Mitered squares, worsted weight, every other one white/off-white, use up odds and ends of other colors in the other squares. I think it … Continue reading

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