Colorful links.

links colorful

Why our essentials keep getting more expensive and our toys keep getting cheaper. HT to gayle – thanks!

Another one from gayle — Shakespeare in the original accent.

When traveling, do not use your South Sudanese passport.

Alternatives to the Resting Bitch Face.

Science penguin.

Where books come from.

B!tches get to work.

Uber is testing a way to deal with drunken passengers.

“The rest of the bulbs in the house will dim themselves automatically. That’s how light bulbs mourn.”

Life is short; talk fast.

Creative fundraising.

White people: terrified of curses.


155-year-old mousetrap claims latest victim.


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2 Responses to Colorful links.

  1. gayle says:

    Glad to see you’re not all work and no play…
    That sciencing penguin is now my new wallpaper!

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