Ten on Tuesday, the 5 more/5 less edition.

Five Things I Want To Do More in 2016Ten on Tuesday

  1. Walk.
  2. Knit on the deck or in the porch.
  3. Travel.
  4. Go to movies.
  5. Knit lace.

Five Things I Want To Do Less in 2016.

  1. Sit.
  2. Play computer solitaire.
  3. Perpetrate mass shootings.
  4. Incite riots.
  5. Appear in Weekly World News.

Note: Our internet was out for 3-1/2 days. It was torture. No blogs, no blogging, no email, no auto-synching my calendars. When it went down — at precisely 11pm CST on New Year’s Eve — Smokey and I looked at each other and immediately decided that our local phone company/ISP had neglected to pay its bill to some mega-ISP on the Right Coast. The fault actually turned out to be our modem from the phone company (less than two years old). They replaced it with a new one, and bingo! Connectivity restored! We are hoping that new modem does not require being rebooted as often as the old one and also that it lasts longer. 

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8 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the 5 more/5 less edition.

  1. Kat with a K says:

    I love your lists, and truly LOVE 3-5 of your “Less List” hahahahah! If only EVERYONE had those on their list!!

  2. highlyreasonable says:

    I can just see the headline in the Weekly World News, “Wisconsin Woman Walks to Her Deck and Knits Lace!”

  3. gayle says:

    highlyreasonable just made me literally LOL!
    (We were without internet for a bit last summer, but it turned out there was a dead snake in a nearby cable junction box. Turns out that’s a frequent cause of cable outage. Who knew?)

  4. Carole says:

    Awesome lists especially the less rioting!

  5. kathy b says:

    IM going to LINK More

  6. Mary Jo says:

    I could copy your lists as my own. I have been thinking about getting a Fitbit. My daughter used an app on her smart phone to count her steps, but I don’t carry my around. I need something to nag me put the computer down and go walk. (Two dogs don’t seem to work.) Can you walk and knit? I haven’t tried that.

  7. k says:

    “Lace knitting; the new way to control your homicidal tendencies.” Although there are those who might contest that. I didn’t think you went for lace- ohh, is that why you posted that link to that “lung” shawl whose name I can’t remember but I definitely have to make?

  8. Kym says:

    . . . but what about peaceful protests . . . that’s not rioting, is it. . . Great list! (I have to get myself off of Pinterest!)

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