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Caged in the links.

  The cutest snow-angel-maker you have ever seen. The cute continues. (Caution: this site has music that starts automatically.) Snowboarding with the NYPD. First aid for dummies. Best use of paper clips EVAH. Hey, girl. Four-word stories. Germany happening in … Continue reading

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Cheerfully stolen from Kim. It may be a Monday meme, but my Mondays are taken and I need something for today*. What tempts you most ?  Your local yarn shop sale or An online sale? Neither, she said stoically. I am … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the local edition.

Ten Interesting Things About My Community I am going to expand this a little from what Carole prompted us. You are getting ten facts about my community. Whether they are interesting or not is up to you. I consider the … Continue reading

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Still season for warm knitting.

What a clever gadget! Morse code cowl. The silly goes on, the silly goes on. Color! Stripes of many kinds! One of the more interesting shawls/scarves you will ever see. Yarn gynecology. The sweater and the sheep rabbit it came … Continue reading

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Remember when links looked like this?

Gun deaths outnumbered auto vehicle deaths in 21 states and the District of Columbia in 2014. Amazing dessert. Pet ladle. Moms win the internet. Related, kinda. 30 of the best damned rock riffs ever invented (in one guy’s opinion). You … Continue reading

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One Three words.

I have read any number of posts on various blogs about choosing a word to guide one’s journey through the year. Grace, release, gratitude, humility, mindfulness, etc. All very excellent words but not ones that necessarily speak to me. Also, I … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the MLK day of service edition.

10 Things You Can Do To Serve Others. Smile and greet them. Make them feel valued. Listen to them. Give a carless person a ride to a doctor’s appointment or wherever they need to go. Shovel someone’s sidewalk. If you … Continue reading

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Tis the season for warm knitting.

Stashbuster socks. All 118 sweaters from Twin Peaks. Labyrinth mitts. A little something for when your grandchildren are grown enough to reject your handknits. Argyle for those of us who can double knit but cannot do stranded colorwork to save our … Continue reading

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Chaining the links.

The tiger and the goat. Fallacy football. A rolling bookshelf ladder. Murmurations. Ten uses for steel wool. The writer struggles. Guess who choreographed Labyrinth? The most specific fad ever. Links from Chris.

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Labyrinth was Elder Son’s favorite movie when he was about two (we had the video). ES would stand in the front of the TV and attempt to mimic Bowie’s moves during the Dance, Magic Dance scene (above). He would put on my tall … Continue reading

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