My usual random Sunday.

Let’s do bullet points, shall we?

  • I made a holiday playlist. I have another entire TranSiberian Railroad album, but in reformatting hard drives and moving computers over the years it has been lost. Need to rerip it.
    Holiday 1
    Holiday 2
    Holiday 3
  • Percy the pit bull continues to charm me. He insists on sleeping under my covers, snuggled up tight to me. By morning he is usually crosswise across the foot of the bed, but he doesn’t mind if I put my feet/legs on top of him so we get along swimmingly. He whimpers by the side of the bed until I lift the covers and let him crawl in.He is training me well. That dog has more personality than half a dozen other dogs put together.
  • I have some FOs to show off — couple pairs of double thick sock,s a cowl, a hat — but there are more pressing needs than taking photos right now.
  • Those pressing needs would be holiday related. Printing the Christmas letter, addressing the envelopes, etc.
  • Both sons are planning to be here for Christmas.
    ::fist pump::
  • I am baking a cake right now. Cannot remember the last time I could have said that. If I bake something, we eat it, and neither of us need the calories.
  • I plan to freeze most of the cake for next weekend.
  • I have made one batch of spiced nuts (pecans with salt, cayenne, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, pepper, and maple syrup) and have the ingredients for two more (pecans roasted with bacon and sugar; almonds roasted with brown sugar, bourbon, fresh rosemary, cayenne, salt, and pepper). We get to eat as much of each batch as it takes to get the level down in the container so I can put a cover on it. The rest will be gifts.
  • Gonna bake a loaf of pumpkin bread with chocolate chips.
  • Freeze that, too.
  • Our lake has frozen, melted, frozen, and currently has mixed water and ice on the surface. Smokey told me that Minneapolis is close to having the latest freeze-over on its lakes in recorded history. What winter? 
  • Lucy The Intrepid Dog suffered a nasty bout of recurring diarrhea last week. (I shall not offend you with the details, but the clean-ups involved many paper towels, a wet vac, and Febreze.) The vet recommended we give her yogurt with a probiotic tablet and special probiotic kibble. It worked, yay!
  • I am feeling a little… pale. Gave double red cells last Monday. Fell on Friday and hit my head, right below the nose, on the metal edge of a step; blood gushed like a faucet for what seemed like hours.  Initially I was afraid I had broken off my two front teeth, but a quick check with my tongue reassured me that they were still there. No permanent damage, just a sore septum.
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4 Responses to My usual random Sunday.

  1. Deb in PA says:

    Ouch! I hope it heals well. We’re much warmer than usual in PA, too.

  2. Vicki says:

    Trans Siberian Orchestra 🙂 Love them!

    Percy sounds adorable.

    Hope you heal quick!

    Our winter has been very wet (Seattle area).

    Happy day boys are coming home!

  3. Soxanne says:

    Yikes! Take care … Lucky you to have both kids home :-). Please, do you share the nutty recipes that sound so delicious?

  4. gayle says:

    Ow! Heal fast!
    Pecans with bacon? I’ll be right over. 8)

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