Christmas links.


Santa’s reindeer as you have never seen them.

Charlie the Venus flytrap wishes you a merry Christmas.

Ways to make the world a better place.

A little something for Star Wars fans.

What a great way to remember happy dinners.

Uncivilized Americans.

Totally cute cabin, totally unsuitable where I live.

Life hacks.

Inigo Montoya scolds Ted Cruz.

Damn. Just damn.

Scalzi’s list of ten things that are not titles to Christmas songs and/or Lifetime holiday movies.

The Sixth Annual James Garfield Miracle.

No surprises here. via

Coupla dog cute ones.

The July effect.

Do not move to Miami (or Miami Beach).

The true spirit of Christmas, year-round.

Pro tip: do not go into the antiques business now.

Links from Chris and two black cats. (And if you don’t want to follow all her links, at least follow this one. I promise you will LOL.)

Last but not least, Smokey. (You may want to read all of Jocelyn’s Decades posts.)

photo credit: Crystals and Silver via photopin (license)
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1 Response to Christmas links.

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Thanks for the link! A great side benefit of asking people to answer questions is that one then gets to like new people. I really like Smokey.

    I mean: of course.

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