It’s mitten season!

hats n mittens

The mind boggles.

It’s what you get when you cross an octopus with a pug and the Monopoly man.

The cuteness, it burns!

Happy Ritual Sacrifice Day!

The ultimate question.

Tiger Toes Socks! Pattern here.

It’s dead, Jim.

For Wil Wheaton fans.

Take that, Donald Trump!

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4 Responses to It’s mitten season!

  1. Kim says:

    Trump taken down by hooks; love it. And those tiger toe socks are fantastic!

  2. Kym says:

    As always, love your links! (And especially the crochet-woman. Take that . . . he who will not be named.)

  3. gayle says:

    Still burning from all the cuteness…
    And go, grannie, go! Crochet on!

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