Free-floating links.

floating links

She felt that someone saw her potential.

“I’ve eaten six thistle bushes and a lavender plant. Your move, butterfly.”

Glowing infection.

Running out of ink.

This assumes there were jobs to be had. But there were not.

I hope you never need this.


Build yourself an electric car with materials you may have just lying around the house.

If an electric car is not your your style, how about an electric train?

Pro tip: do not brush your pet seal’s fur.

Good design is essential. Here is the underlying document. The Stockholm approach.

Vacuuming the dog.

Gorgeous nighttime animal snapshots. via

Eight things about Donald Trump.

The king of Sweden.

A bookish Night Before Christmas.

I would buy kittens.

Aw, tiger.

What I want for Christmas.

Another reason for coffee.

The war on the middle class: it is winning.

Links from Chris.

The days are getting [every so slightly] longer. More weather  climate change news.

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4 Responses to Free-floating links.

  1. gayle says:

    Magnets are way cooler than they told us in 8th grade science class.
    And now I want to get Skyrim…
    (Love your links, as always!)

  2. k says:

    Kittens, kites, karma – can you buy karma? – kerchiefs. Kangaroos? Kaleidoscopes! Kaliopes? Nope. Spell check rules out merry-go-rounds.

  3. Soxanne says:

    Fascinating piece on London’s Tube stations – thanks for sharing.

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