FO Friday. Again.

Warning: the color differences and corrections I talk about here are not readily discernable in my photos. You will just have to trust me that the differences were there and were corrected.

While updated my projects page on Ravelry with those FOs from last Friday, it came to my attention that I had missed one FO.


A truly inventive scarf knit in the incredibly complex 1×1 rib.

While the finished scarf may not be all that impressive, what I did to get there deserves to be blogged about.

Last winter I made this hat:


This is the Sockhead Hat, done in Colinette Jitter bug, and it has become my favorite hat — comfortable, just slouchy enough to be fashionable without being droopy. The latter is really, not a good look, especially on one on the shady side of 60. Ahem.

When I blogged about this hat I mentioned that I had a skein of local handspun yarn in a similar colorway. But when I actually got that yarn out and compared it to the hat, I realized that “similar” was not necessarily good enough.


It may not be apparent in my photos, but the yellows and oranges in the handspun are a lot brighter than those in the hat. Since BRIGHT YELLOW is not a particularly flattering color on me, I knew I needed to tone down that yarn.

After much pondering and considering combining it with other colors, I decided to tea-dye it.


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2 Responses to FO Friday. Again.

  1. gayle says:

    I started to say that coffee would have worked, too, but realized I would rather drink the coffee than dye with it. Tea is perfect!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    A slouchy hat!!! Yes! You have just inspired me. I think I need a slouchy hat, and you know I do love me some online shopping. Yours looks so cute on you, honey.

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