Ten on Tuesday, the November retrospective editions.


Ten Best Things I Did In November.Ten on Tuesday

  1. Participated in a phone bank to promote our local school district’s bond issue on the November ballot.
  2. Worked at my polling place on election day.
  3. Visited Elder Son in Sioux Falls.
  4. Did not die nor suffer any lasting effects from the food poisoning.
  5. Went with my book club to hear Michael Stanley, author(s; it is actually two men), speak .
  6. Helped organize the Great No-Hate Eat-Some-Cake Democratic Debate Celebrate-tion fundraiser for my county party. We had 30+ people attend to drink (cash bar!) and nosh (pot luck!) and talk (lots!) and watch the second Democratic debate. Plus we raised $$$.
  7. Started the training to be a volunteer tax preparer during the 2016 tax season.
  8. Enjoyed a lovely and relaxing Thanksgiving with friends, including a delicious meal prepared by others.
  9. Rang the bell for the local Salvation Army.
  10. Finished a pair of heavy socks and a pair of fingerless gloves for myself.
  11. Knitted two pairs of fingerless gloves for the library craft sale next Saturday.
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3 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the November retrospective editions.

  1. highlyreasonable says:

    Your list is certainly full of generosity and volunteerism! I really like the Great No-Hate Eat-Some-Cake Celebration. Our small-town politics gets fairly contentious, with both sides determined to prove that they can hate the most. 😦

  2. Carole says:

    Look at all that volunteer work you did! I’m impressed!

  3. gayle says:

    You did a lot of wonderfulness in November!

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