Random on a November Sunday.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was prepared by someone else; we ate with friends at free will donation dinner at a bible camp near their town. The food was AWESOME, at least as good as I could have made and perhaps better. Turkey, ham, mished & mashed potatoes (foods on the buffet table had hand-made signs; someone had a good time with them), gravy, stuffing with cranberries, vegies (sauteed carrots, onions, brussels sprouts, and cranberries — yummy!), relish tray with plenty of green olives, and dinner rolls. Fabulous pumpkin and apple pies with real whipped cream (I saw the kitchen crew whipping it).

Several advantages to doing it this way:

  • No hours/days of preparation.
  • No washing of dishes afterwards.
  • No temptation to overeat.

Of course, the disadvantage is no leftovers, but I can live with that.

Neither son was here. We had just visited Elder a couple weeks ago, and Younger, after returning from a business trip to Mexico City (!) at midnight on Wednesday, was moving this weekend. We will all be together at Christmas ::fingers crossed::

* * * * *

I am still busily knitting fingerless gloves for next Saturday’s craft fair. Might even bake a thing or two for the bake sale. Saw a couple photos online that have inspired thoughts for projects.

I had been planning to make a least one pair of wildly striped fingerless gloves for the sale but hadn’t come up with color schemes. The sock at left may be a model. And the cowl looks easy enough to reverse engineer — slipped stitches! I have a bunch of merino dk left over from a couple projects that will be perfect. The only question is whether I make it for myself or to sell.

* * * * *

On Monday and Tuesday last week I was in training to be a volunteer tax preparer for elderly and low-income residents. The training was given at a local high school about 25 miles north of me, a school with a significant number of Anishinaabe students. This was the sign on the door of the computer lab where we had class.


Another example:

And finally, this man must have really, really wanted to teach high school. He must have known what jibes and catcalls would have awaited him in any high school in America. He is probably a wonderful teacher anyway.


According to his page on the school’s website, everyone is instructed to call him Mr. B. Good move.

* * * * *


I wish I could remember what pattern I was looking for when autocorrect did this.


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  1. gayle says:

    Lousy kicking should have turned up *something*…

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