I went to a knitting retreat.

villa maria

Villa Maria, Frontenac MN. No snow when I was there (happily).

Siri and I had a few disagreements on the way there. I would ask for directions to ViLLa Maria and Siri would reply, Getting directions to Vee-yah Maria. Eventually I pronounced it that way, and Siri told me there was no Via Maria in Frontenac. WTF?

I did find my way there, however.

Minnesota Knitters Days. I went there in 2012 and learned double knitting from Lucy Neatby. This year the instructor was Arnhild Hillesland, who was a total delight. .


Norwegian accent, dry sense of humor, plus clear teaching. Perfect!

She taught us how to make Norwegian footlets. Here are her samples.


I ended up not making them because what I really want is a pair of felted slippers. So I worked on them until I finished the heel and then worked on another project. (I was not the only one who *audited* the class. It is permitted.)

Others made nifty footlets.



IMG_2280 IMG_2281

(Sorry, my cheat sheet for putting photos into a line is not working. Rats.)

Only a couple people got to the ribbed cuff, and I did not get any photos of that. But I did take photos of other marvelous objets d’knit for us to admire.

IMG_2296 IMG_2294


IMG_2290 IMG_2291 IMG_2283

Every year a friend of the organizer (that’s the organizer up there modeling the cream lace sweater and modular shawl) makes a little knitted token for all the attendees. The first year I went it was a beaded dongle to hang on one’s scissor to distinguish one’s own from everyone else’s.


This year it was a hang-knit Norwegian sweater ornament. 30+ tiny sweaters in stranded knitting on US#1 (or so) needles., every one a different color combination. Yikes.

The second evening always features a style show where the attendees model or show off something they knitted. Here are two modeling their garter coats, knit in a past year.


When the ornament-knitting friend asked what she might make next year, it was suggested she knit each of us a similar coat. Full-size, of course.

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4 Responses to I went to a knitting retreat.

  1. highlyreasonable says:

    I’m glad you outwitted Siri to get to someplace so special. The parade of projects is beautiful, each one more impressive than the last. Love that backpack (but also the sweaters, the coats, the tiny sweaters…)

  2. gayle says:

    You got to enjoy a knitting retreat in a castle! How perfect!
    I’m absolutely in love with your instructor’s sweater…
    Those footlets look like a fun knit – and the perfect accessory for our northern winters. 8)

  3. mlegan says:

    I hate Siri. But love Arnhild. She is a real treat!

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