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Just 24 knitting days until…

In case you need another bit of Christmas knitting. Knitting: another point of view. The most beautiful stashbuster scarf ever. His gauge is really gonna suck. Hey, girl…

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Random on a November Sunday.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was prepared by someone else; we ate with friends at free will donation dinner at a bible camp near their town. The food was AWESOME, at least as good as I could have made and perhaps better. … Continue reading

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The frost comes softly.

Improve your writing. Not all dogs are brave. I want to do something like this. The gay agenda. Canada, come back! Any mothers of twins out there? Reverse ATM. Get your cat ready for the holidays. Another cat. If famous artists … Continue reading

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FO Friday.

Lots of little projects to report. I started this post at least a month ago but didn’t get all the photos until last night. Fingerless gloves! These are for my friend Kay to match the hat I made for her. … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday(s) #4.

Through sheer luck, most of us were born in relatively affluent and free countries. We were able to be educated, to get adequate nutrition, to drink clean water, to have the advantages that a large portion of the earth’s population does … Continue reading

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PSA: how to maximize your T’giving pleasure.

How to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

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Knitted bears are not cute. No. Not ever. Except this one.

…and, it continues. I am speechless. Nice easy sock idea. Everyone needs a hobby. Solid, semi-solid, and tonal: an explanation. I want a granddaughter so I can knit her this. A solid knot to join yarn. See these? How about … Continue reading

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When the going gets linked, the linked get going. Or something.

“But if my elder daughter ever owns her own brush hog, I have reason to believe she will provide it shelter and grease.” The United States of bridesmaids. Wait for it… The Dark Lord for president. A little Canadian humor. … Continue reading

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So we went on a road trip. And all hell broke loose. Part 3, the end.

We arrived at the Cascade uneventfully on Monday evening (yay!). Cabin 11, the Honeymoon Cabin, was ours for four nights. I had finished knitting a shawlette/scarf for myself on the drive and was hard at work on the second sock … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday(s) #3.

Humor. It is the thing that gets us through the trying moments. There was little or no humor in my home when I was growing up, probably a common situation in the rural Midwest. I was always amazed at the … Continue reading

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