Halloween links.

halloween-959047_640 (1)

Couples costumesMore costumes.

Still looking for a costume? Here are some quickies.

Halloween from Liz Climo.

Halloween book! (thanks, k!)

Halloween rolling pins.

This guy wins Halloween.


Courtesy of Chris.

And now, non-H’ween links…

I’m not scatterbrained, I’m a genius!

The cone of happiness.

“Willy-nilly benevolence only made things worse.”

Driverless cars and algorithmic morality.

The Toyota effect:improving the way an organization works.

How about some more Buzzfeed?

“Everything happens for a reason”? Bullshit. via martinimade.com

23 life lessons.

2G Tuesdays at Facebook.

“…a domain of libertarian fantasy made real…”

Invisible cyclists.

Links from Chris & Chaos.

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2 Responses to Halloween links.

  1. gayle says:

    I now have rolling pin envy. Which I never realized could be a thing…

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