WIP it. WIP it good. (again)

Oldest first.


These are the fingerless gloves for my friend to match the hat she requested. They are done except for about eight rows on the second thumb. Madtosh Merino Twist Light, US#1.5 needles; no pattern beyond what I have in my head after making a couple-three dozen pairs over the past year. Why have I not finished them? Not a clue.


Next, an FO and a WIP. The FO is a pair of toddler mittens, the WIP will be a hat to match. These were intended for a silent auction that has since been postponed until next year. No need to finish right now 😉 Yarn is a hand-dyed DK that I bought at a silent auction last spring. (Are we noticing a trend here?) Yarn actually seemed to be more of a fingering / sport weight, so I made the mittens on US#2s and the hat on US#3s. Yes, I actually swatched for these — US#4s, US#3s, and US#2s — to see what made the best mitten fabric. There was still a ton of yarn left after the mittens, hence the hat.


Then, because those two were not enough WIPs (let us not speak of the afghans just yet, nor those other two three who knows how many projects hiding in bags under the table in the laundry / craft room), I cast on for a shawlette-y scarf. I am obsessed with this project right now. Pattern is Jane Hunter’s Simple Shawl (free pattern on Ravelry), yarn is Zauberball; knitted on US#5s.

It just occurred to me why I am obsessed with this — it is for mememe. Yes, I am all about the Me.

Afghan update: I made the first square of the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket, then picked up stitches along one edge for the second bit. As we all know, picking up stitches along a garter stitch edge os easy-peasy, right? No annoying decisions to make, just one stitch per garter ridge.

When I finished picking up those stitches, I counted them: 48. My complicated calculations for this afghan — massively different gauge, different finished size — had told me to pick up 96 stitches. Clearly I had doubled something somewhere in my calcs.

The afghan went into time out, and I started on the toddler mittens. Somewhere in that space of time I decided that the afghans will be for Christmas 2017 instead of 2016. Problem solved.

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5 Responses to WIP it. WIP it good. (again)

  1. highlyreasonable says:

    You are a great problem solver! I like how you’ve even got the silent auction planners on board with the auction postponed until next year.

  2. Melissa says:

    What a wonderful plan. Good luck with the shawl. It’s coming along wonderfully. Can’t wait to see what colors are coming.

  3. gayle says:

    Highly-honed problem solving skills!
    I love the colors in that shawl – that’s going to be a beauty!

  4. Helen says:

    Question…could the 96 stitches be meant to be divided 1/2 picked up along one side of the current finished square and the other 1/2 added to make a second side of the about to be knit square? Not knowing the pattern, I’m just guessing, but also guessing it wasn’t that thrilling a project or you would be figuring this out. I just rescued my current project from new kitten and new puppy. They are working together to destroy my fiber projects. (I took fiber and spindle away from them earlier.) First time I’ve had pets that thought my toys were their toys.

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