Random on a Sunday.

There is a woodpecker that attacks our cedar siding every autumn. S/he is at it again, tap-tap-tapping out there. Why our siding, I wonder? We are surrounded by woods, and there are plenty of dead trees still left from a horrendous windstorm last spring. Go peck on a tree somewhere, Woody! Leave my house alone!

* * * * *

Smokey made an errand trip to the Twin Cities on Thursday, and one of his stops was Trader Joe’s. Couple cases of wine for me (I am so far from a wine snob I am somewhere beyond Pluto), couple more chunks of TJ’s blue cheese (great stuff, and comparable to other blues that sell at twice the price, imho), and a couple bags of their salt-and-pepper potato chips.

Those chips are my only guilty pleasure (all my other guilty pleasures have been promoted to simply pleasures). I cannot resist them. I have to keep a clip on the bag so they don’t call my name from the pantry.

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2 Responses to Random on a Sunday.

  1. mlegan says:

    I LOVE the S & P chips. And we have a woodpecker that goes after the TV antenna. Wierd.

  2. scraggyjack says:

    Woodpeckers are looking for insects that their keen hearing detects under cover.

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