Links stretching into infinity. And beyond.

Chain & loop

I’m an adult!

Rich people showers.

Pro tips for slashing tires.

Guess what: banning booze correlates with higher rates of meth use.

It’s not the Cone of Shame but it will do.

A friendly fruit.

Q: what is funnier than cats and boxes?

So sad.

Sending faxes into the abyss.

Words matter.

Links from Chris.

photo credit: Eslabones / Links — [EXPLORE] via photopin (license)

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3 Responses to Links stretching into infinity. And beyond.

  1. k says:

    I had a shower a lot like that last one for a while. It was in the basement of my house. It didn’t have the fancy doors opening into not much of anything, but there was a window high up on the wall that you could look out of, and it wasn’t neat redwood planks placed very close together but an old pallet that I scrounged somewhere. I knew I was rich when I lived there.

    Also, we did that with my cat once. When we were moving up north, I put her in a cardboard box with some airholes and packed her in behind the front seat, up high so I could keep an eye on her box in the rear-view mirror. Somewhere around Bruce she chewed her way through, and I spent two hours looking in my rear-view mirror at her with her head stuck out like we’d mounted it on cardboard, meowing like a broken record. Yeah, maybe I’m a little sadistic.

  2. gayle says:

    That calling refugees ‘migrants’ has been really irking me. I’m glad to see that it’s not just me.

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