Extravaganza! Knitting! Yarn!


This is where I spent Saturday. Went with friends, met old friends, made new friends. Oh, and knitted and bought some yarn, too.

Let me take you along.


A remarkably poor photo of Konnie, the organizer of this whole shebang.


There is nothing like a high school gym to make knitters feel right at home. This room is twice the size of the room where the event was held two years ago, the last time I attended. There looked to be about 150 knitters there this time, plus ~15 vendors.


This vendor brought along her assistant.


The keynote speaker works with a nonprofit, Love for Lozandier, that brings health care, education, and a mission to Haiti. Part of this year’s project is to bring a handmade bear to every student in the school that the mission built in a previous year. That’s 87 bears needed; 93 were made. This is a sampling.


There was a scarf contest (at back) where attendees could vote for their favorite among about 20 scarves. At front are some items on display. Brightly colored acrylic is still popular here.


I kinneared this teenager and her cute hat. It had a kitteh face on the front.


Each of the PA system’s speakers was adorned with bears. You can see a few homemade spindles at right. One of the presenters brought these — two big boxes of spindles — and distributed them in the crowd so that people could attempt drop spindle spinning. (I declined. Spinning, no matter how much fun, would take away from my knitting time. Plus I already have way too much yarn, amen.)

There was a demonstration of what we know as the linen stitch scarf.

There was a demonstration of what we know as the linen stitch scarf, although they called it something else.


The gorgeous linen stitch scarf on display at the demonstration. I happened to wear my own such scarf, and the demonstrators were intrigued to see what I I had done with my ends (carried the unused yarn along the end and wove in the ends. I dislike fringe.)


More bears.


The Haiti project woman brought along mittens to sell as a fundraiser. I was a bit late with this photo — that black area was thick with mittens at first. Every two pairs sold buys a pair of shoes for a Haitian child. More on this below.


Shoes To Grow. These shoes can be adjusted to be larger — five different sizes, so kid can (probably) wear them for five years. What a great idea! Follow the link to learn more.


Did I mention that I bought some yarn? Even though the last thing I need is more yarn? But I fell in love with this stuff, even though I do not generally wear pink nor purple. It was just too gorgeous not to own.


What will it become? Much too soon to say, but I have 700 yds of lavender Malabrigo laceweight that would go with it.


I won this as a door prize.


Alpaca is not my favorite to knit with — no elasticity, and 16% Cormo was not enough to change that perceptibly. But why am I kvetching? It was free, and, combined with some Cascade 220 in another color, will make a lovely soft scarf.

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1 Response to Extravaganza! Knitting! Yarn!

  1. highlyreasonable says:

    What an interesting extravaganza! I love that brightly colored acrylic can peacefully coexist with the beautiful handspun you bought, along with help for Haiti in different ways.

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