Cuffing the links.

cuffs n links

What an amazing gadget.

Of Donald Trump and Jesus.

If you kick a soccer ball just right…

Attention, tea drinkers.

Shower in a rainbow.

“He gave me bacon.” Related.

Badass 16-yo. in 1777.

Romeo and Juliet rewritten as a farce.

Missed a New Year’s Eve party.

I hate when this happens.

In-store Ikea reviews.

State memes.

Bikers against child abuse.


For better health, do not make your bed.

Kids addicted to their new toothbrush.

Apple golf.

Inanimate objects trying to kill us.

Cheese on the side.

Silly is not confined to the knitting world.

How to book sale.

Russia before the revolution… in color. via

A Tumblr for cat lovers. Cat shaming. Camouflage done cat style. Bourbon barrel aged. Cat disposer.

An absolutely serious analysis of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

A little something for all you aspiring writers out there.

A how-to for murder.

Keep Portland weird.

A message about feral cats.

Exactly how the ice-bucket challenge speeded up ALS research.

New iPhone.

You can thank William Shakespeare for these.

Mental illness lies.

Kinda long, but so, so true.

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3 Responses to Cuffing the links.

  1. Adrienne Hickey says:

    It may be a nitpicky point, but the new century began January 1, 1901. C’est la vie!

  2. Vicki says:

    Maybe if they moved the auto signal from the steering column to an cross-platform app, people would use it more. Voice command option might increase the odds. 😉

    I love cats no way will I ever be convinced they can be shamed like dogs. LOL

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