Labor Day, the day no one works.

Labor weekend

"Happy Labor Day!

"Never forget that people died for the worker’s rights we enjoy today. And if, for even a moment, you think we don’t need them now, just think about the employers who short their workers by one hour so they don’t have to offer health insurance. Think of the companies that fight the idea of giving their workers a living wage. Thinks of Wal-Mart saying that their workers should apply for government assistance if they can’t make it on their shitty salaries.

"My sister and I both did the same job – processing insurance claims – for different companies. Even though my job required more knowledge, she was getting a significantly larger paycheck because she was union. It’s not just industrial or service workers who benefit from strong unions.

"None of the rights workers have now were just given to us. They were all fought for and they could be taken away again if we get complacent."

– from Telesilla's Stuff and Things.

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1 Response to Labor Day, the day no one works.

  1. gayle says:

    Do you read Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station? I highly recommend him.
    Happy Labor Day.

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