Things I have seen. And heard.


A stray petunia has cropped up in my perennial garden. Odd, because there have NEVER been petunias planted there. Also, I need to weed the garden again.


Why, yes, fall is coming. We generally start seeing the first leaves turning the last week of July. This is the first entire tree I have seen in color.


If we still lived in Minneapolis, our roof would be moderately suitable for rooftop solar. Minneapolis ROCKS in so many ways.

I am always annoyed when someone says (or posts) “These things happen for a reason.” Smokey recently explained that my annoyance stemmed from never having heard the second part of the saying: “The reason is because you are stupid and make bad decisions.”

Edited to add: I know that not all bad occurrences are due to bad decision, and I do not blame the victim for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I stand by my assertion that “Everything happens for a reason” is just a stupid rationalization for those who cannot accept randomness.

::descends from soapbox and walks away, leaning on cane and muttering to self::

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3 Responses to Things I have seen. And heard.

  1. scraggyjack says:

    Reading “Systems View of Life” recently has suggested that there are both random and deterministic factors at play everywhere. — Bro Phil

  2. highlyreasonable says:

    A big thank you to Smokey for the second part of the saying. I’m going to be declaring that from my own soapbox, loud and often.

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