Linking back to school.

Plymouth Citybus Milehouse depot 13 April 2008


Dog bath.

Unique names.

World overview quiz.

I meant to do that.

Harry Potter classroom.

Cost of living vs. median income in 129 cities.

Newest unneeded invention: internet-connected doorbell.

It is always rude to bleed near someone, especially in a crowded train station.

I could never have done this.

Evolution is remarkable.

How to age gracefully.

Need a Halloween costume?

Yeah, the world has ALWAYS been cray-cray.

Speaking of cray-cray.

Cosplay on the Tube.

Our hearts are older and our brains are younger that ever.

Somewhat related: how city and architectural design affect our mental health. (long read)

Profound shower thoughts. via

Stoned wallabies.

The peacock and the kitten.

Poor Roger Buckley.

On being poor.

And a lesson about privilege.

Bacon-flavored… seaweed?

How to donate books to prisons.

Can you stand another thing about The Donald? Okay, here’s a funny one.

Victor Hugo vs Twitter’s 140 character limit.

V. tall man/woman, v. short woman/man.

How New York almost had a plague outbreak.

A library for migrants stuck in an impromptu camp.

photo credit: didbygraham via photopin cc

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