Younger Son sends photos.

YS is on a business trip to Switzerland, where he is installing some specialized computer equipment in Zurich. Today he sent us some photos.

Photo The First:


“You told me I should always at least take a look on the grocery stores when traveling to a foreign place.”

That photo, of course, led to questions, particularly about the three CAFFE LATTE and the weird outlets.


I still don’t know exactly what the CAFFEE LATTE are. YS’s explanation of the outlet: “I spent about 10 minutes try to figure out the name of this non-RJ11 telephone jack, but the best I’ve got is ‘old 6-pin Swiss phone jack.’ Neat three-socket SEV-1011 230V outlet. Please don’t ask how I took this picture.”


“Handy, unobtrusive nightstand..”


” Left to right: unused phone jack, above-bed light switch, SEV-1011 outlet, 3-way light switch for room lights.”

“Single SEV-1011 outlet near the door, likely for a cleaning vacuum.”

“From top to bottom: bathroom light switch, GFCI test momentary switch, GFCI reset button, SEV-1011 GFCI outlet.”

“My room door.”

“3-way switch for room lights on top, control for electric window blinds.”

“Said blinds.”

“Motor for said blinds.”

Excerpts from emails between Smokey and YS:

YS to Smokey:
Dad, close guess, but looking at the labels the hotel put on them, I’d guess they are actually 230v 😉

I wonder if normal circuits like this are only 7.5-10 amperes to give the same wattage of standard North American outlets.
Actually, I just checked, and 16A seems to be standard, so they pass around twice as much power down their wiring than we do.

Smokey to YS:
Thanks for the technical explanations. Power blinds: what a concept. They could be hooked up to a sensor to close when room light got too bright or they could be wired to your alarm clock to gently open when it was time to get up.

I wonder if the power is doubled. A 110v 30 amp circuit requires #10 wire and to run wire that heavy to all receptacles and switches would be expensive and overkill to power lighting and small appliances.

And that is how my family geeks out with travel photos.

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5 Responses to Younger Son sends photos.

  1. highlyreasonable says:

    I wonder how many visitors to Switzerland have catalogued the outlets and switches so well in their photos? I really wonder how he took that second photo! Thanks for the tour of Switzerland!

  2. loreen j clayton morrell says:

    I love the scenery. What a great time in his life.

  3. gayle says:

    I was trying to figure out how he took that photo, but my brain started to hurt so i stopped.
    I like the fact that these are the travel photos he chose to send…

  4. Kim says:

    “Said blinds” made me laugh out loud.

  5. Melissa says:

    Wonderful. Such fun. I like Smokey’s idea of blinds that could open slowly to let in the light.

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