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It’s too hot. Let’s do some more random.

* * * * * On Saturday I worked the Friends of the Library table at a craft fair at the local coffee shop.

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Links just want to be free.

Email a tree. THIS IS WHAT I NEED! Use your smartphone and simple materials to make a hologram. It’s a secret meeting. Blond map of Europe. On being old. Related: I’m too old for this. The world’s coolest bookstores. These … Continue reading

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Random on a Thursday.

This is what Google looks like on your birthday: * * * * * On my birthday: I did a good deed. ‘Nuf said. We went out to dinner. The restaurant* we went to was near the theatre where we saw the … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: the knitting.

IF YOU ARE MATTHEW OR ANDREW OR ONE OF THEIR FRIENDS,  PLEASE CLICK AWAY IMMEDIATELY! .  .  . .  . .  . .  . .  . . .  . . . . .  . . . . . . . . … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday: the visiting the country edition.

Since I already live in the country, I shall write about the things I love about it. Ten Five Things I Love About Being In The Country. The lush greenness during the summer. The beauty of the snow in winter. This … Continue reading

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66 things I love, in honor of my birthday today. Because my birthday is all about me, right?Good

In no particular order: Cats, particularly the two I have now. Furry pets of (almost) any kind. Including my husband. Andrew and Matthew, the two younger on- and off-again furry youn’uns. Shrimp. Grilled, cold, even deep-fried. In Chinese food. Just … Continue reading

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North Shore sights.*

Irony.**    “My wife won’t let me put any more antlers on the wall. What am I gonna do with ’em?”   Lucy and I lazing on the porch overlooking Lake Superior.    Observed in a kitchen store in Duluth. … Continue reading

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Peeking through the links.

The daily overview. On treating people with respect. Social anxiety illustrated. The cat did it on purpose. #fieldworkfail Pet tags. Memes. I especially like that this person used “ensure” correctly. Beijing is gonna host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Srsly? Lies … Continue reading

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The kindness of strangers friends.

The humane society on whose board I serve has a garage sale every summer. Many people donate items to sell, and the entire community looks forward to browsing the wide selection and picking up furniture, etc. at garage sale prices. We donated a … Continue reading

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Things that make you say, Hmmm.

From Twitter: The signature line on all my emails: So: who said it first, Andre Gide (1869 – 1951) or Václav Havel (1936 – 2011)?   * * * * * I am so over putting a capital in the middle … Continue reading

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