Weather is turning. Time for sweaters!

Fair isle 4

A lovely color inspiration.

Not sure if this is good or bad.

How to flirt via knitting.

We haven’t had much silly for a while.

Ancient path socks.

Look to your left.

Interesting socks.

For the revolutionary knitter.

Hogwarts home decor.

Another view of yarnbombing.

Lumberjack socks.

So true.

I am entranced by colored stripes on a gray background.

No other word for these but SNAZZY!

Nice sweater.

Places NOT to knit.

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4 Responses to Weather is turning. Time for sweaters!

  1. Sophanne says:

    I shall be hoarding pillows and blankets. There are worse things to hoard,

  2. gayle says:

    Socks! (I went to put some of those patterns in my library, and discovered they were already there…)

  3. Soxanne says:

    The sock with the icord belt should be in the silly section … I am pondering how the Revolutionary Knitter would look in my place?

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