Treading through the links.

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Amateur theatricals — even professional ones — go awry sometimes.

It’s a physics joke.

Glass the planet.

Great science experiments you never did in school.

“There’s bears in the pool!”

Get me a child, stat!

Um, okay.

Yeah, it was the trees.

Cat of the month award.

The evolution of magazine covers.

Books: what are they good for?

Trump on immigration: 2016 vs 2011. Hypomanic temperament.

To sleep-deprived parents.

Autism and Guardians of the Galaxy.

You cannot ask questions about the space-time continuum.

More from Chris.

Dude, there is something on your paw.

Amazing photos from the ISS.

Soothing photos.

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3 Responses to Treading through the links.

  1. Soxanne says:

    Love the links (as always) … particularly the magazine covers and the explanation of books (of course). Thanks!

  2. gayle says:

    I always enjoy your links! (Books! Cats! Science experiments!)
    In my 8th grade science class, our teacher told us about an experiment he used to do in class, but didn’t do anymore. (Much to our disappointment.) There’s a sodium compound that, when exposed to water, will explode. For the demo the first couple of years, he would wait for a rainy day, then drop crumbs out the second story classroom window into puddles on the pavement below. BLAM! Vast hilarity. Except for his fellow teachers, who complained that the sudden explosions were disruptive. So then he took to dropping even smaller crumbs into metal dishes on his desk. blam! Except that his students started having nosebleeds, and he discovered upon further research that the experiment shouldn’t be done in a confined area as the fumes could cause nosebleeds. So he ended up just describing the process to his students instead, while longing for the good old days…

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