Do not fence in these links.

fence roll

See the celebrated female forms in classic art… after Photoshop.

Let’s ride!

It’s kittens!

Got 46 minutes? Watch this: 365 Days of Corgi Puppyhood.

The true story of Walmart.

14 uses for clear nail polish.


>55 would miss TV the most, <34 their mobile phone.

Profits over people. Over and over again.

Unexpected rise in autism cases.

Let’s talk causes of death.

Math can be fun.

Guess what. Torture doesn’t work.

Three statements about the Canadian election, and the best campaign ad ever.

Your brain as dishwasher.

I need this sink.

“Being a cat in Istanbul is like being a cow in India”

Five best questions to a reference librarian.

Technology can connect us.

Everyone matters.

We all needed this in college.

Advice for life.

Libraries: the daytime refuge of the homeless.

Free rides!

Here’s a cat thing.

Best resignation ever.

Chaotic links!


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3 Responses to Do not fence in these links.

  1. gayle says:

    Ah, corgis. I think they’re the only dog that I, a dedicated cat person,. would enjoy owning. (Or would it own me?)

  2. scraggyjack says:

    Try Canadian book, “Party of One,” by Michael Harris. There are also reports issued by non-profit organizations, Council of Canadians, and Voices-Voix, that document PM Harper’s undermining of democracy, and another by the website, The Tyee, documenting his abuses of power.

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