FO Friday.

P1000340 P1000338

It’s a cowl! No, it’s a headband! No, it’s both!

This is the cowl I made to cement the brioche stitch in my mind and in my muscle memory. When it was done and I tried it on, I realized that it also works as a headband. (Bubbles’s head is much smaller than mine; the headband fits me much better.)

Yarn: Sweet Annie from Angora Gardens booth at Yarnover, 2015. The yarn is delightful in the hand — 50% CVM / 30% alpaca / 20% angora — so soft.
Needles: Addi US#6 — or maybe 7s. It was a a couple months ago.
Pattern: I made it up. Cast on a bunch of stitches, work garter stitch for about 1″. Join darker yarn and work two-color briocher for awhile. Drop darker yarn and work another inch of garter. Bind off.

Let the cold winds blow. I am ready.

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4 Responses to FO Friday.

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Based on the cold weather we’ve had this week, I’d say you got this done just in time!

  2. kathy b says:

    I’m not ready for winter! I love your headband and cowl

  3. gayle says:

    That looks wonderful!
    I may make one for myself – I’m anxious to play more with brioche.

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