Remember that random post last Sunday? Here is the rest of it.

Apparently I got interrupted and never finished it.

A couple weekends ago was the county fair. As usual I worked an exhibit. It used to be the Friends of the county library, then one year it was the humane society, now it is the county Democrats. Unlike many years, the 2015 fair weather was… fair! That is to say, just right — not too hot, not too cold, no rain. Goldilocks would have been pleased.

I had to go to the fairgrounds early on opening morning to run an errand.

Livestock barns near the west gate.

The day starts early at the fair, just like on the farm.

Cow washing: it’s a thing.


I don’t know much about livestock, but that is one beautiful animal. Look at how its coat gleams in the sun.

Another beautiful. albeit rather less cooperative, bovine.

Let’s take a walk around the fairgrounds, okay?


The $100,000+ mobile command center that raised eyebrows when the sheriff’s department bought it a few years back.


The other guys’ fundraising ice cream stand. Note that complete lack of identification on the stand. Also. the “Stop child abuse” sign, which they got it from a stand across the aisle, is belied by their voting record.


Pickles the Clown stopped by our tent.


The view from my seat.

As I watched the crowds stroll by, I noticed something: there was a LOT of colorful hair. Click any photo to embiggify.


Autofocus failed me, but these were too colorful not to include.

P1000450 P1000451 P1000460 P1000463 P1000466 P1000467 P1000468 P1000469 P1000475 Another autofocus fail. P1000477 P1000478 P1000479


Eventually, I found the source.

A couple of our displays.



We did a straw poll to see which issues were most important to people. Anyone who wanted to participate got ten pennies and could distribute them among the jugs to *vote* for their key issues.

Education won with 416 pennies, next was election reform with 266, the economy with 140 pennies, equality with 135, and energy with 90 pennies. Some visitors put in one and five dollar bills, but we did not count those in the totals (didn’t want people buying our elections).

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3 Responses to Remember that random post last Sunday? Here is the rest of it.

  1. highlyreasonable says:

    What a fun trip to the Fair! I barely noticed the colorful hair as I was busy looking at all those great Fair food signs.

  2. kathy b says:

    I LOVE State and Country Fairs and I Do not get to them! NEXT year. In a few weeks the Sheep and Wool Fesitval in Wisconsin!

  3. gayle says:

    Ah, education. The thing Walker most likes to kill…

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