Links just want to be free.

links just want to be free

Email a tree.


Use your smartphone and simple materials to make a hologram.

It’s a secret meeting.

Blond map of Europe.

On being old. Related: I’m too old for this.

The world’s coolest bookstores.

These are the opposite of Cake Wrecks.

A Greek mythology joke.

Watch the world switch from Internet Explorer to Chrome.

A different take on office temperatures.

The deadliest events in history, ranked by deaths/time period.

The shrinking polar ice cap.

How to ban a book.

McSweeney’s Shakespearean guide to the Republican presidential debate.

Coral guacamole.

He got better. Okay, here is all of it.

Ring sets.

I’d like to buy the Kochs a world...

Secret aircraft bedrooms.

This is the most depressing thing I have read in awhile.

Yay, SEC! Let’s close that gender pay gap!

A love letter to libraries.

Tip for pet owners.

Links from Chris.

Harry, Dudley, Ginny, etc., grow up.


I learned how to do hover text in WP! It was really hard because it required googling ‘hover text’. Yay,me!

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3 Responses to Links just want to be free.

  1. Sophanne says:

    White popcorn.. That is all.

  2. kathy b says:

    I. want. Those . ringlets

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