Peeking through the links.

chain landscape

The daily overview.

On treating people with respect.

Social anxiety illustrated.

The cat did it on purpose.


Pet tags.


I especially like that this person used “ensure” correctly.

Beijing is gonna host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Srsly?

Lies parents tell their kids.

If a nude photo of you appears on the web, here’s how to get rid of it.

She taught her husband to read.

Surprises found in library books.

A success story.

Tom the Dancing Bug explains how to save endangered wildlife, entire ecosystems, and African-Americans in one easy step.

The SEC does something right.

Sociopathic tendencies FTW!

The colors we eat.

How to speak when female.

Ice carousel.

Trailer for The Martian.

The future of work is a lot like the past we left behind. More on work: office temperatures.

Portrait vs. landscape.

Chris links!

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