The kindness of strangers friends.

The humane society on whose board I serve has a garage sale every summer. Many people donate items to sell, and the entire community looks forward to browsing the wide selection and picking up furniture, etc. at garage sale prices.

We donated a rocker and matching ottoman that we had gotten on craigslist but decided we didn’t need. I did not attend the sale but at the next board meeting the director gave me a gift of something she had retrieved from the merchandise.


Many, many knitting needles.

I have incorporated the circs into my collection. (A knitter can never have too many needles.) Some of them have a textured cable, something I have never seen before. Not quite sure how I will like them when I am actually knitting on them. It is possible they may eventually end up in the Goodwill donation box.

The most interesting ones are those with the flat ends.

IMG_2132 circled

They function as straight needles but have cables instead of the long straight part, much like the way Knit Picks interchangeables can be made into straights with cables.  These went into the Goodwill box right away because I totally suck at knitting with more than one needles — inevitably one gets lost. But if any of y’all are pining for that kind of needle, let me know. I would be happy to send them your way.

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2 Responses to The kindness of strangers friends.

  1. highlyreasonable says:

    My grandmother knit with needles like those flat-end ones. She called them jumper needles, maybe because she knit jumpers with them? There are some interesting angles/bends on some of those needles!

  2. =Tamar says:

    They’re for long stuff like afghans, I think. Or maybe for close quarters where long needles would interfere with people next to you. I think I’ve seen them with crochet hooks as well, for afghan stitch crochet.

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