Ten on Tuesday: the visiting the city edition.


Ten Things I Like About Visiting Minneapolis.

  1. Although it is a city, it is one in which I know my way around. I can get from one destination to another without a lot of anguish. This is the result of having lived there for 30 years before moving to our present rural home.
  2. Target. The closest Target store to where I live is 45 miles away, too far for most shopping. Thus, I am forced to give my pennies to Walmart, as much as I dislike to do that.
  3. The opportunity to see Younger Son and probably take him out to lunch or dinner.
  4. The choice of ethnic restaurants — Greek, Lebanese, Middle Eastern, etc. etc. Where we live the choices range from  burgers to chicken to pizza. Or Mexican, if we want to drive 25 miles (and we often do).
  5. The opportunity during the drive to listen to a LOT of my current audiobook.


Ten Things I Liked About Visiting New York City.

Back when Elder Son was at NYU and later med school, I made a number of visits to The Big Apple, plus I had been there a few times before for business or pleasure.

  1. The infinite variety of cuisine from which to choose. Yes, my stomach is an important travel companion.
  2. The art museums — the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney, the Guggenheim. Heaven for this former art history major.
  3. The opportunity to visit with Elder Son, of course.
  4. The people-watching. New York is so much more interesting in this way than rural Wisconsin. Or Minneapolis.
  5. The possibility of seeing a play or musical. Or Ramblin’ Jack Elliot 😉
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One Response to Ten on Tuesday: the visiting the city edition.

  1. Carole says:

    I think it’s cool that even though your posts are about 2 specific cities I can still relate to them because it seems like a city is a city – at least when it comes to the good things!

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