Lonely links.

Lonely chain
photo credit: 037/365 – A link to dusk via photopin (license)

Wait for it

We need to know about the mac and cheese.

Solution for the heat.

Graveyard of discontinued flavors.

Geographically challenged.

A couple things about gluten.

How to repeat a song on YouTube.

The kitchen gadget from hell.

Coupla things about gluten.

Discover the favorite TV series about your state.

On children cleaning their room: "Of course, you will likely still need to vacuum (and release a family of squirrels into their natural habitat)…"

Seven alternative ways to organize your bookshelf(s).

Somewhat related: twelve books [that this guy thinks] every intelligent person should read.

Success in the world of the freelance writer.

Query: what's wrong with this kitten?

How to restore mealtime like it was in the 1980s.

Sticky bookmarks! Hidey-holes!

Which book protagonist are you?

Pablo and Katherine.

Imagine if the journey to Mt. Doom took nine years instead of just one.


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