Beach links!

Chains on the beach
photo credit: Rusty chain via photopin (license)

Extinct tree grows anew from ancient jar of seeds unearthed by archaeologists.

Just another Tuesday in Canada, etc…

Self-destructing… mosquitoes?

Meditation (audio NSFW).

Cool stairs. via

"The odds of the very big one are roughly one in ten."

Let's give the guns to women.

Recipe for the day: Schadenfreude pie.

"…also, sometimes a dragon will melt somebody’s car and it’s a whole problem.”

I wish a clerk would say this to me.

Canadians: nicest people on earth.

In honor of the Pluto fly-by.

Depression described.

Carpet surfing.

Learning to ride a bike as an adult: it's a thing.

What color is this song.

Chris has links for you.

You know it's bad


Never-aired scenes from Downton Abbey.

Attention: birdwatchers.

When cucumbers attack.

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0 Responses to Beach links!

  1. Mary Jo says:

    OMG! I read the article from the New Yorker about the Juan de Fuca plate. I am so happy to live in Michigan! I need to check out your other links now. (None about disasters about to happen here, I hope?)

  2. kathy b says:

    I’m planning to make that pie!!

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