Book sale!

The Friends of my local library had our annual book sale a couple weekends ago. It is amazing how many books get weeded from the library or from other people's bookshelves.

Kay and Diane squeezing as many books onto the table as possible.


The library is popular with teens. They were happy to help —
and they got early admittance to the sale.


 Last day of the sale — fill a bag! The books were flying out of the library.


Sadly, we didn't make as much money as in prior years, but we did get books into people's hands. Large print and romance novels, which sold well last year, were not as popular this year; the remains were divvied up and distributed to the five nursing homes in the county. Unwanted paperbacks had their covers torn off and were recycled.

It was fun… and we'll do it again next year!

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0 Responses to Book sale!

  1. Chris says:

    I’ll have to watch out for library book sales nearby – I’ve been picking up books that are falling apart when I find them in Little Free Libraries, to use in collages. I’ve also grabbed some things from the Magers & Quinn $1.00 shelves, both to use in collages and to turn into altered books/journals.

  2. kathy b says:

    That’s a great idea. Books by the bag!

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