Hummer dining.

photo credit: My little Ruby-throated Friend via photopin (license)


This little guy entertained us as we ate lunch one day.


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  1. kathy b says:

    Im kind of furious with ours. One came a few weeks ago. We’ve been so diligent and nothing since…then two nights ago…ONE flew up to the feeder and moved on. IM off to sit near it on the porch and take my watch…he better return!!!!! our neighbors tubular flowers are about to bloom and they go to them all they time. More than a feeder. I wish we could get ONE to stick around here al summer.

  2. gayle says:

    I love the little buzzy birds. I was sitting on my aunt’s deck with a couple of other relatives and a hummer kept flying up, glaring at us, and flying off again. Apparently he wanted to eat from the feeder in peace and we were making entirely too much noise.

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