And then we went to the North Shore.

Waterlogue got a little overenthusiastic in this one.

The view from the tiny deck of our cabin. That's Lake Superior, if you cannot tell.


Our cabin.


The scene of near-doom.
The fire pit.

Why am I showing you a photo of the fire pit in the front yard of the cabin? Because it was the scene of Smokey's latest near-death experience.

One morning he took the dogs out for their beginning-of-the-day pee. Since the benches of the picnic table were damp from dew, he sat on the seat of his walker, which, in addition to a nice padded seat, is on wheels.

Can you see how the ground slopes to the left toward The Lake? Yes, the walker started to roll downhill.



Because he had a dog leash on each wrist, his hands were not as free as they might have been. And, although the walker has brakes, the wheels were damp from the dew and the brakes just slipped. He rolled backward, the wheels hit the cast iron edge of the fire pit, and he tipped backwards at precisely the right angle to strike the back of his head on the downhill edge.

Did he suffer a concussion? Did he fracture his skull? Did his sever his spinal column? Any of those were possible.

He did not even get a lump on his head. And he said that after the initial impact it did not even hurt.

I find it hard to imagine those last two, but I felt for a lump and there was none.


The hard-headed Swede detailing his walker.


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0 Responses to And then we went to the North Shore.

  1. Ginny says:

    I am very glad to hear that he is fine. However, you must have nerves of steel. And he needs to buy a Lotto ticket because he is the luckiest man I have ever heard about.

  2. Bonny says:

    Didn’t he just have his second annual near-death experience in May?! Did you explain that these can not be monthly events? Sometimes hard-headedness is a good thing.

  3. kathy b says:

    Oh my goodness. he is like a cat with nine lives.

  4. Carole says:

    I just love this line: his latest near death experience. LOL. And yes, those Swedes do have hard heads. Thank goodness.

  5. gayle says:

    I suppose taking the wheels off would defeat the purpose…

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