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Linking to the knits.   Pompoms? No, thanks, I brought my own. I think it's an optical illusion. Ryan, this one's for you. Milk & cookies socks! I kinda want to do this. The stuff of nightmares.  This shawl is verrry interesting. Rather … Continue reading

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BearCam is back!

The salmon are running and the BearCam at Brooks Falls in Alaska is up again!

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Linked to the beach.

 photo credit: Rusty chain via photopin (license)  For some, nothing is perfect. Attention, Firefly fans: Killjoy on SyFy. Just in case you need a bummer on this Saturday… Irony is ironic. Know anyone with ADHD? Anti-intellectualism. Cheat codes for life. The … Continue reading

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Scroll down to #14. I am so happy I don't need to apologize for this particular piece of crap anymore.

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A comment (not mine) on the recent British elections.

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Okay, this is going too far.

  New business appeared this week on Main Street in a nearby town, a lovely little city of parks and trails right on the beautiful St Croix river.  You better believe the citizens are buzzing and the e-mails are flying. … Continue reading

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Hummer dining.

photo credit: My little Ruby-throated Friend via photopin (license)   This little guy entertained us as we ate lunch one day.  

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Blue. Stockinette. ::sigh::

The silly continues. WTF? Post-apocalyptic knits. Not sure which is better, the socks or the URL. Awww. This is the way I knit & purl, knit & purl, knit & purl … this is the way I knit & purl … Continue reading

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And then we went to the North Shore.

The view from the tiny deck of our cabin. That's Lake Superior, if you cannot tell.   Our cabin.   The fire pit.  Why am I showing you a photo of the fire pit in the front yard of the … Continue reading

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Cuffing the links.

photo credit: Red White And Blue Cufflink Trio via photopin (license) Rehabilitation. Wisdom from Albert. "Taco needs to stay in his own damn lane." Aphrodite. If alcohol labels told the truth. Optical illusions. The best gifs ever. Psychological facts. "Get … Continue reading

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