Sunday random.

  1. Waste :: excess.
  2. Excess :: baggage.
  3. Play :: -book.
  4. Heartbreak :: Hotel.
  5. Purchase :: ebook.
  6. Fear :: Aggression.
  7. Ages 2+ :: toddlers.
  8. Conform :: clay.
  9. Reduced :: calorie.
  10. Change :: the oil.

* * * * *

Younger Son's new phone, a Sony something, does tricks.
My phone did something similar, but for a much shorter time.

* * * * *

I don't think I ever showed you one of my adventures during the yarn-caking marathon. I had read on Ravelry that Zauberball was impossible to pull from the center without massive tangles, so I pulled from the outside.

It was not entirely successful, although by the third ball — I think this one was the second —
I had figured out how to minimize the tangles.

* * * * *

I took a class on brioche stitch from Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark at Yarnover this year. Of the 20 or so people in class, nearly everyone had attempted brioche before ::raises hand:: but were unable to master it from a book/handout/pattern. ::nods sheepishly:: 

The class was an excellent idea for all of us. We found that brioche stitch is easy and that the knitter develops a rhythm with it after a bit, just like ribbing. 

The two swatches I made during class.

On the way to Yarnover that morning, I suddenly remember that I had left the two balls of required worsted weight yarn on the seat of a different car. Oh well, I thought, I can probably mooch some yarn off someone else in the class. People always bring more yarn than they need.

When I walked into the Yarnover venue, which was filled with yarn vendors, I had a good chuckle at myself. Gee, do you suppose I can find some yarn here?

Actually, it was not as easy as I first thought. Most vendors bring lace- and fingering-weight yarn and/or fiber. I was more than halfway through the place before I found some worsted weight.

P1000218  P1000219
What you cannot see in the photos is the wonderfully woolly-but-soft-squishy texture of the yarn. 
50% CVM/30% alpaca/20% angora, oh my!

I bought the one on the left first, but after the class I went back to buy the second, contrasting one. They are in the process of becoming a cowl that is a larger version of white and green swatch. The best way to cement a new stitch is to make something immediately to get the process into muscle memory.

* * * * *


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0 Responses to Sunday random.

  1. kathy b says:

    oh yes better work on it right away with new yarn..that’s the ONLY way to succeed

  2. gayle says:

    Gotta agree with the above comment!
    Isn’t brioche a hoot? The instructions are horribly complicated, but the actual stitches are pretty easy. I loved making a hat last winter, and now want to tackle every one of Nancy Marchant’s patterns. (I’m going to start with Rodekool , I think. I saw one at a sheep and wool festival that was absolutely stunning.)
    Happy briocheing!

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