Memorial links.

Lonely chain
photo credit: 037/365 – A link to dusk via photopin (license)

Food at 30,000 feet.

Street books.

25 funniest tweets

Thoughts on re-reading favorite books.

Just keep checking.

Here's an idea for a Christmas tree garland.

Why do men even exist?

How to make a curly cord.

"Self-sexing vanadium-secreting intestine-rock thing."

Life advice.

Spider rain in Australia.


Note: have you discovered the hover text in my links? Not visible if you are reading on your tablet, though. 

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0 Responses to Memorial links.

  1. gayle says:

    Kittens always win. Oh, yeah, they do.
    Meat rocks. Blood from a stone. I love nature.

  2. Vicki says:

    I thought men existed to open jars for me. lol

  3. kathy b says:

    Kitten fight advice so very true! !WE HAVE A TEETHING KITTEN AT OUR HOUSE

  4. k says:

    I am a little weepy about the books. I know how lonely it can be, to have nobody to talk to about books.
    And also, even though I love spiders, I am not sure I want to see them rain down upon me.

  5. Mary Lou says:

    Really interesting thoughts on re-reading. We had books at my grandmother’s that we re-read because they were there. Penrod. Robin Hood. I downloaded Penrod onto my Kindle a few months ago, but haven’t even peeked at it. (My brother has the original book.) Now I want to read Emily New Moon. Oh for a summer to read and reread on the screened-in porch of my childhood. Without chores, of course.

  6. Linda says:

    I re-read certain books all the time – some every year, some every two years or so…. I keep them here on my shelves and would never give them away!
    Linda in VA

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