WIP Wednesday Thursday.

After 8+ years I am stepping outside my plain vanilla sock pattern. This is Nevis, a sock pattern I saw on Madame Dafarge Knits. 

Nevis  Nevis side

I cast on earlier this week with this yarn, Perfect Sock Yarn (self-striping) from Must Stash Yarns (currently unavailable).

Dark side of the moon

 * * * * *

I am casting on these new socks in spite of having two (2!) pairs of socks already OTN. Both are the victim of user error.

P1000222 P1000223

The ones on the left are of a wool/cotton/nylon blend that turned out to be not nearly as stretchy as typical wool/nylon sock yarn. (Duh.) Even though it is 50% wool, the 25% – 35% cotton completely overcomes the wool's elasticity. The first sock was done past the heel when I decided that I really needed to make it bigger, 66 st instead of my usual 60, if I ever planned to actually put the socks onto my feet. First sock now done, second done toe to heel. This is my take-along project.

The ones on the right are another double-stranded pair, this time a tweaked version of my usual plain vanilla pattern. The gray is one strand each of two gray yarns, one tweedy (unknown yarn, label gone, probably Regia of some kind) and the other tonal (Regia Jeans Color). The stripes are two rows each of various Lang, Universal, and Trekking sock yarn solids. My innovation, besides the stripes, is the striped afterthought heel, of which I am inordinately proud. The user error in this pair was that I forgot to switch from the US#1.5 needle to the US#4 when I got past the ankle on the first sock; as a result the leg was too tight for comfort. Second sock is done, first sock's leg is frogged and reknit to the third stripe. These have been my TV knitting.

* * * * *

Other WIPs — all sleeping comatose — include a Color Affection shawl, a Fairfield sweater, two other pairs of socks that I got stalled on somewhere near the ankle, that hat that I need to frog and reknit, and a child's sweater that has been in time out since 2007. We shall not speak of these projects at this time.

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0 Responses to WIP Wednesday Thursday.

  1. gayle says:

    I’ve lost track of how many socks I have in timeout… You’re doing well with only two!
    I see circs. Are you a Magic Looper?

  2. Bonny says:

    Nevis looks like it has an interesting construction. I’ll be interested to hear how you like the heel fit. And hey, socks OTN are better than no socks OTN, user error or not!

  3. kim in oregon says:

    I love the idea of “timeout” for knits!

  4. kathy b says:

    Hahaha You are no worse than the rest of us. I have some lonely socks with no partners. I’m only knitting mittens lately and loving it

  5. Vicki says:

    Love the design of Nevis — enough detailing to make it interesting but not cray-cray.

  6. k says:

    I really really like those grey socks. I hope they become real some day. And I like the comatose designation. Also, I kind of admire people who can just put things aside. I either finish things, or rip them out (mentally burning them, and mixing their ashes with salt). It’s kind of icky to have completed socks that I can’t bear to wear. But it’s good to have blogs that remind one of the miracle of Just Dye That Shit (Reg.TM). And oh hey! I have Sapphire Blue Procion dye – I can make that so-pale-yellow-it’s-boring bamboo yarn become Something Else. Yay!
    (Dear diary: people who blog about absolutely desirable sock yarn, and then say – almost as if to gloat – “oh, ha ha, this absolutely desirable yarn is currently unavailable – SUCKER!” Are so – Ack! I have no words.)

  7. k says:

    Also, what the heck! It didn’t ask me to prove I was worthy of posting! Danger, Will Robinson! Also, no more coffee for me for the day!

  8. Kim Dean says:

    LOVE the black/tweed with the stripes!!

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